Installation of wood floors, unfinished or prefinished:

Prefinished wood floors are much more popular and durable these days. The finishes are sprayed on at the factories and then baked on the wood to make for a much more durable finish. The advantage of a prefinished floor is that as soon as it is installed, you can move back in that room. The advantages of an unfinished wood floor, though you have to wait for it to be sanded, stained and varnished, are that there are no V-grooves between the boards and that you can choose a custom stain color not on the limited list of colors that prefinished offers.

Sanding, staining and finishing of existing wood:

I sand the existing floor to bare wood, make any repairs necessary, then stain the floor or finish it natural, based on your desires. I show you the stain samples right on your existing wood so you’re seeing the true color of the stain and not just what a small sample board at a hardware store shows you. Then I’ll put three coats of varnish on the floor to give you excellent protection for years of use.

Patching and repair of damaged floors whether from age, rough use, water, pet or termite damage:

Different kinds of damage can use different repairs. With 30 years experience, we’ve seen it all and can find the best repair option for your floor.

Floor prep:

Carpet removal, including tack strip and staples. Subfloor repair, if needed.

Sport floor refinishing, including line striping:

Refinishing and line striping of Basketball, Volleyball and Racquetball courts.